A Project For Leftover Paint Samples, And Progress In Ella's Room

Ella's room has been a really fun space to design. 

It has evolved into the perfect celebration of color for this creative and colorful girl.

The idea for the headboard came to me as I was trying to figure out what the heck to do with all of this leftover paint. I had 12 paint samples leftover from the great wall color decision. I won't throw it away. Projects eventually materialize, and the paint always comes in handy. 

I saw this headboard from Urban Outfitters and fell in love. Ella loved it too, which rarely happens. The girl is picky. 

Unlike the inspiration headboard, I avoided staining the wood because the smell lingers for months, and with her sleeping so close to the headboard, I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

Instead, I made a light wash of leftover light gray paint and water, so the wood grain shows through. 

Ella was happy to help. 

After we measured and marked the center line, we taped random stripes, and chose colors in no particular order. 

I added a frame at the end, to even out the edges, and give it a more finished look. 

This vintage string art is perfect in here. Those colors!

The desk will receive a paint treatment to tie in with the headboard.

There are a few more things to do in here, but honestly, there will always be a list of things to do.

It's called life. I may never be done in here. But we're at a comfortable place, and she is happy in her room. I know because she spends hours in here, reading, crafting, coloring, and creating. That's all that matters to me. 

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Curtains In The Living Room

Nothing makes me happier than crossing something off the to-do list. Even more so when the thing to be done is both a pain in the neck, and a high-impact project. 

I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine, so this was definitely a pain in the neck. However, sewing them myself saved us hundreds of dollars, and I did a fine job. (pats self on back)

The curtains have been hanging for weeks, unlined and unhemmed. They looked sad. But not as sad as an entire wall without curtains. There are many levels of curtain-related sadness in my world.

The urge to begin other big projects was creeping in, so no more time for procrastination. 

A quick look back, before curtains:


Curtains add so much warmth, coziness, and a layer of design to build upon.

Also worth noting, the drastic difference between unlined (on the left) and lined (on the right). Aside from protection from the sun and the associated fading, the lining adds fullness and filters the sunlight nicely.

The most exciting part is when I imagine the painted dining room, and the deep blue walls peeking around the corner against these curtains.

The plan is coming together!

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An Admittedly Pedestrian Bucket List

This is adapted from an earlier list, which is why several items are already crossed off. I will update my list as things happen and exciting new ideas occur to me.

Why the cat? Because the cat is awesome. 

There are so many things I want to do, so many places to visit, and so many skills to learn. These wishes are not particularly exciting, just interesting to me. I have no desire to climb Mt. Everest or jump out of an airplane. Oh my gosh, the thought of jumping out of an airplane stresses me out.

I will observe without judgment as you swim with sharks, with absolutely no desire to join you. I don't care to dine on the side of a mountain, nor will I ever get a tattoo.

I'm so boring, I know!

My list, in no particular order:
  1. go to Europe (there are far too many things within this single item to list)
  2. go on a very long yoga retreat
  3. visit Gettysburg
  4. visit Salem
  5. study Italian
  6. ride a beach cruiser to the park
  7. learn to play cello again
  8. drive Route 66
  9. adopt a rescue dog
  10. see Jack White live
  11. go on a historic walking tour of Manhattan
  12. visit Iceland
  13. make a quilt
  14. take a cooking class
  15. take a pottery class
  16. learn to paint
  17. take the kids to the ocean 
  18. see the kids graduate from high school
  19. see the kids graduate from college
  20. take the kids to Washington D.C.
  21. celebrate 50 years with Jason
  22. visit Alcatraz
  23. visit the Winchester Mystery House
  24. stay at a bed & breakfast
  25. complete a 5K
  26. complete a half marathon
  27. orchestrate an anonymous "pay it forward" act
  28. fly on a private jet
  29. reconnect with certain old friends
  30. commit to a vegetarian lifestyle
  31. learn to knit
  32. learn to crochet
  33. learn to sew
  34. restore an old home
  35. learn transcendental meditation
  36. go to lunch and a movie by myself
  37. throw someone a surprise party
  38. successfully finish a cleanse
  39. return to Palm Springs to soak up the mid-century elegance
  40. watch Jason sky dive, because he really wants to do this for some reason
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Scenes From Saturday

Today I sat back and soaked in all of the creativity going on around me. This was a day full of making.

Ella was busy making bats. Then she decorated the empty foyer wall with these creatures, because, obviously. She used this pattern.


I like how she hung one upside-down in the "sleeping bat" position.

Jason made Clam Chowder, which is a huge departure from his usual weekend soup. He also "made" a ton of noise during the big football game. Scared the crap out of the kids and the cat.

Jason is wearing his Saints jersey a day early because Iowa lost today. His Iowa jersey was angrily thrown to the floor after the loss. He tells me this is very important, and football people will notice the jersey discrepancy. I tried so hard not to roll my eyes, but whatevs.

I made pillows and finished the headboard. And if you're keeping track, that means I finished my to-do list, and now I have permission (self-granted) to proceed with painting the dining room!

And tonight we carved pumpkins!

No, the kids aren't usually allowed to perch on the table. This girls is intense...she has laser-sharp focus. She won't let anything get between her and the perfect jack-o-lantern.

His other specialty is roasted pumpkin seeds. So good.  

I just have to laugh when I look at this sad but sweet group of jack-o-lanterns. They're like a gang of misfits.

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Halloween Around The House

I haven't gone all out with Halloween decor this year. 

I just added a few touches. 

Ok, the front door isn't actually that spooky. I got carried away with my favorite photo editing program.

Double doors call for double skeletons.

This is what it really looks like, and no, the kids aren't frightened by it. They want me to make the house spookier. We all love Halloween.

The kids love coming home to find their favorite Halloween decorations on display. 

They respond to this ghost as if they've been reunited with an old friend. This is not a joke: they argue over who gets to snuggle with him at night, and take turns throughout the month of October. 

And tonight's family movie night will be another Mini-Munsters-Marathon. 

So fun. 

Making memories over here. 

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Do You Dress The Way You Decorate?

Because apparently I do. 

It dawned on me yesterday as I was painting swatches on my dining room walls, that I matched the room completely.

I think it's pretty common. We are attracted to certain colors and patterns. Why wouldn't we use these in the home as we do in our wardrobe?

Jeans, I'm always in jeans. 

And always barefoot, unless I'm going into a restaurant or a store. Shoes are for fancy people. Forget about high heels.

My husband's belt: truthfully I wore the belt because I liked the brass buckle. 

The sweater matches the current color of my walls, and the tank top matches the navy blue colors under consideration. 

Always blue though, plus navy or white. And if I can add a nice plaid, all the better. 

Casual, and comfortable, with blue and brass. Sweaters and t-shirts with jeans. 

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Happy Wednesday

A real life vignette...

The always present cup of coffee, camera, laptop, measuring tape, and a little blog work before I head out the door for a rainy jog. 

Happy Wednesday!

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